Neurology appointment today = update

Today addyson had her neurology follow up. She’s been pretty stable on her anti seizure meds so now the discussion is should we repeat her eeg and then determine if we can try to slowly (very slowly) taper down on her keppra. This is so scary to Randy and I because like the neurologist said we could decrease and wean her keppra and the next day she could seize. It’s such a scary thought. However we aren’t there yet… We are gonna take it slowly which means starting with a repeat sleep deprived eeg. If it’s normal (hopefully it is since she controlled) then we can discuss lowering her a.m. dose of keppra. If eeg is abnormal then all the conversations regarding a decrease will be stopped. The neurologist also said we can choose to stay on her current dose if we feel most comfortable that way. We don’t want her on a high dose, if we can lower but it’s also terrifying. Seizures are terrifying

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