Infusion # who knows ðŸ˜‚

Yesterday ethen had his eye appointment. His script has changed (gotten worse) but with new glasses they got him to 20/20. However we are screwed if his glasses ever break because he’s way past the eye sight for driving (when it’s time). We will always make sure he has a spare pair w him. He said his left eye was like 20/50 but when they covered the right everything went away. He couldn’t even see the big E (this has always been his case). We did years of patching hoping for improvement but it’s ok, with glasses he’s 20/20.

Today addy had another infusion (idk what #). All went well! As of right now our CBC is still abnormal (but that’s normal for addyson) and her ferritin and iron are Finally in the normal range for the first time ever!!

Her friend also had an infusion so we all got to catch up for a few hrs! Always a nice time. So good when us moms can catch up!

Addy used her 3d pen and made us all some art!

The infusion team at Hopkins is great. We love all the nurses there! They are the best.

Next week we have the kids dentist appointments and Addy’s cardiology appointment.

We went dress shopping the other day for Addy’s first dance dress. Here are the two she ended up getting! (The black and the blue and white flowery one).

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