Send the Good vibes

Everyone send their good vibes please. We got a call from school today that’s addysons bp was 125/110 and she was dizzy. Then it dropped to 80/56 and she had a headache. She spent the rest of the day with the nurse.

We reached out to cardiology and discussed everything. We discussed her bp, her normal bp, her aortic root dialation and her pots. We discussed her normal and how even on her tilt table tests she doesn’t have bp that high and she wasn’t even being active when it was that high. We discussed the risk of being hypertensive and the possibility of an aortic disection (which is terrifying).

Since getting home, she’s dizzy, has headache, joint pain and her chest hurts. Bp and pulse are all over the place 89/64, 73/55, 121/86.

I’m thinking she might be in a flare but who knows. Fingers crossed she stays stable. I hate seeing kids sick, but bp issues scare me

Ace won’t leave her side

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