Cardiology follow up and qsart testing

Long day.

Let me start by saying we didn’t get the news we had hoped for, however we still are hopeful that we can stop this aortic root dialation.

Her echo showed. 3 growth in her aortic root dialation which is not what we wanted. We wanted it to stay steady (with no growth)

Cardiology believes her bp issue last week was a flare, however they are considering that the compression from her chest wall may be playing a factor.

Today we also did her qsart testing which we have been waiting since November for. We got there, got her all connected, and the tech couldn’t get the machine to work. Luckily she was able to quickly contact the machine folks and get the issue corrected. Below are pics from the testing.

Marks from the qsart testing

After her appointments we treated her to some cupcakes because they make everything better

Tomorrow the kids have dentist appointments and next week she sees genetics. Then the 14th we have eeg and then nothing till March! (Fingers crossed we can keep it that way).

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