Sleep deprived EEG

We did it…. We made the sleep deprived EEG work. Thanks to our family and friends.

Sleep deprived EEGs are tough because she has to stay up all night and then stay awake till she gets all connected. With everyone’s help we did it! She was soo tired.

Sandra who came over in the middle of the night so we could get a few hrs sleep. This was such a huge help! You were a great match for addysons exhausted middle of the night attitude!

Jenna who rode with me to keep addyson awake. Glad addyson provided you some laughs. She was sooo tired.

Alex (poppy)who handled ethen today. Huge help!

Rhonda (Grammy) who checked in on us. Thx so much

Amy who checked in and kept reminding us that we could do this, even though exhaustion kicks in. Your inspiring reminders are such a big help.

The end result is…. We are staying on anti seizure meds and will repeat EEG later and hopefully attempt to lower meds then. For now we agree this is the best plan. Addysons seizures are focal seizures.

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