APRIL is coming in full force

So March is going out w/ a bang and April is coming in full force. April is stressing me out and it’s still march. Below are the upcoming appts. I’m just stressing looking at them and on top of it all I had to add a few for myself, due to getting diagnosed with gall stones. I wondered why I’ve had this constant pain in my abdomen that I just can’t get rid of. We will figure it all out, but today it won. It made me feel overwhelmed. However, we have great family and friends who have already offered to help with some of the PA appts (to go with me) and to help with picking up Ethen so we can shift work hours if need be. We truly couldn’t get by without the help of our family and friends.


22nd: Addyson APPT in PA // Michelle Appt

25th: Addyson ORTHOPEDIC follow up w/ surgeon about wrist

April: (NEED TO FIGURE OUT APRIL – I’m guessing my surgery will be in here somewhere) 

4th: Randy DR APPT

5th: Michelle surgical consult//Ethen KKI Bone DR APPT @ 1PM // Addyson field trip

10th: Ethen HPV Vaccine appt

11th: Michelle surgical consult appt (yes, I want to meet with two surgeons before moving forward)

20th: Addyson ENDO APPT

21st: Addyson Pulmonary APPT

25th: Addyson CHOP GI APPT

27th: Ethen Well visit appt

28th: Addyson CHOP APPT (AADP and surgical consult)

3rd: Addyson Immunology

17th: Ethen Genetics Appt 


16th: Addyson Cardiology

20th: Michelle Neuro 

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