Good weekend

After Friday winning against me (see Fridays post). We rebounded and had a great weekend. Saturday was super busy. We were all in different directions. We had softball practice, then ethen had a hockey game and I had a friends baby shower to go to and addyson had a friends birthday party. Thanks Jenna and John for taking her and thanks Sandra and Brooke for the fun afternoon. Loved getting to celebrate two very special little boys who will be arriving soon.

Thanks to all those who went to watch ethen at his last game of the season.

Sunday addyson got to throw out the first pitch for GWs home game. Thank you to our family and friends who came to watch and support her. It means so much to her.

She loves each and everyone of these gw girls!
Good job addy/val
Just listen to the speech on this one  but watch the other one…. It was so cold I couldn’t stop shaking

We love our GW family. These girls are here for her on her toughest days and her best days. Sorry we couldn’t stay longer girls… It was bitter. We will see you soon!!!

These girls on both teams were amazing today. Listen to them cheer her on! 

Does addyson get special moments like this because of her medical situation, yes. However, we would love to have a healthy child than a child who has been sedated over 15 times. A child who has months that are mostly medical, a child who understands the fear of her next surgery, her next emergency room visit, or admission. We would rather not have tubes and medical devices for our child. We don’t enjoy spending days in the er while 4 surgeons stand bedside stumped and perplexed. We would much rather have a medically healthy child, but since we don’t have that…. we enjoy these moments where amazing organizations like team impact and wonderful teams like GW do things like this to take her mind off those tough moments. Things like this help her remember that even when this journey gets tough…. She has a whole team supporting her. These small fun moments can truly help replace some of the tough moments… And everytime we can have more good moments than medical moments in a day, week or month we celebrate…. Because we understand that tomorrow we may be in the hospital prepping for another surgery. Having a medically complex child comes with a weight of worry that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Addyson has had a rough 11yrs but she truly loves to give back to other medical kids. That’s why we do the tree drive. She decided over 5yrs ago to do that and we keep doing it because addyson truly loves to see kids in the hospital get a few hours to decorate their trees and take their minds off the medical stuff.

We are grateful that Addyson has a few friends who truly understand this and enjoy these special moments with her and we love you all for that.

Thank you gw and thank you team impact!

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