Weekend recap

Weekend recap:
Left Friday morning…stopped in orange CT to. Toured the pez factory. It’s small but was neat, something different.

Arrived in Boston Friday evening. Ate at Texas Roadhouse, at that one they still dance during certain songs and give our peanuts so the kids were excited. Took ethen to Barnes and noble because he read volume 1 of a series and wanted volume 2 for the ride home.

Saturday: started with all rain….we were so worried the game would be cancelled. So we started off the day walking around Quincy’s market. We even saw a film crew filing a movie/episode.

Saturday evening: we made it to Fenway. The weather cleared just in time, it was truly perfect baby weather

Red Sox played the O’s and it was autism awareness day at the stadium!!! A 7yr old dinosaur loving boy with autism threw out the first pitch. He was so cute and so excited. It was adorable to watch. Reminded us so much of ethen a few years ago.

We got a private tour of the stadium which was super neat. We had seats 4 rows back off the first base line and had seats in a box (incase the rain picked up).

We watched a proposal at the bottom of the 4th inning (she said yes). Ethen said he has never seen a proposal before, so that was neat.

Friends of ours made this trip so memorable and we can’t thank them enough!

The kids are having a blast! Truly a great evening

Sunday: On the way home now… Stopping to visit family in NJ and finally got the kids some white Castle.

Hope this was everything Randy expected and more. ethen said it was an amazing experience! The kids love these experiences. The memories that comes from experiences is worth so much to us! This Christmas gift came a few months after Christmas but ethen said it was even better than he expected and it was one of the best games he’s ever been too. These vacations/memories are the best Christmas gifts. I’m so glad we do this with the kids!

Now that the fun weekend is wrapping up we are gearing up for our crazy busy April. This week we see cardiology and addyson has an important metabolic stress test and pulmonary function test. These appts/test are vital to knowing how bad her chest wall is affecting her heart/lungs. Both kids have dentist appointments as well.

Addyson also has a friend who has been in the hospital for twenty days. They are hoping to be home in a few days. Fingers crossed this happens for them!

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