Metabolic stress test and pulmonary function test

Addyson keeps things interesting…. We were going for her metabolic stress test and pulmonary function test, but she decided to be addyson and in true addyson fashion her Bp plummeted from 113/61 to 50/36 and hr went from 97 to 170 instantly. They urgently stopped the test…. And said no more today. They were not able to get her to the point needed for the test, so who knows if she will have to redo it or not but the pulmonary Dr said no to doing anymore testing today. The tech was great and caught everything on the machine and got addyson safely to the gourney. At least we captured the dip of bp and increase of hr on the monitor. Tech and Dr immediately saw it and stopped the test. They knew she had autonomic dysfunction so they required the Dr to be present should they need to call a code or use the aed. I’m so grateful they were on top of it today and knew how to stabilize her but I may have sweated through my shirt.

I also have questions now about weather or not she should be playing certain sports? Should she be in a sport where we now know passing out is a real possibility? Is it safe from a cardiac standpoint? So many more questions now.

No one should have to witness these episodes. Also the fact that she said it just happened so quick. She was good then she wasn’t and had no time to say I’m not ok.

#thismommaneedsanewshirt #donesweatedthroughthisone

After all addysons craziness we went to DC for ethens signing event with team impact and GW swim and dive team. He had a blast he loves the coaches and the athletes

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