For the past two weeks Addy has been wearing an actiwatch. It was used to measure her awake time throughout the night. The data is just what we expected. She is awake at night way more than she should be.

The charts below are the data from the watch.

Anything above the top yellow bar is vigorous movement. The goal for at night is to not even reach the bottom yellow bar. That was not the case with addyson… She showed lots of vigorous movement throughout the night.

This chart below is a little easier to visibly understand. Yellow is sunlight achieved. Pink is asleep time (documented from sleep log) green was what they wanted to see, with no blue overtop the pink or green

The chart below breaks down all the data for the sleep Dr. They wanted the #of awakenings to be below 10 and average wake time less then 30seconds. They wanted efficiency above 85%. So needless to say we will be back to the drawing board with her sleep Dr to figure this out. They said she’s loosing over 2hrs of sleep per night

Tomorrow we have a busy day at chop for appointments.

Summary on actigraphy:
Actigraphy is a non-invasive technique used to assess cycles of activity and rest over several days to several weeks. Your doctor may ask you to wear an actigraph for a period of time to get an objective measurement of your sleep schedule. An actigraph is worn like a watch on the wrist of your non-dominant hand and measures activity through light and movement.

Actigraphy data can be very helpful for assessing circadian rhythm disorders such as advanced or delayed sleep phase disorder and insomnia.

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