Addy heart monitor results.

Just got A’s heart monitor results.

The holter/Zio monitor showed a higher heart rate for age, her Dr recommends trialing a very low dose of a beta blocker called atenolol. He mentioned using Corlanor (a lot of pots kids use this med) but insurance will not cover that without a trial of the atenolol first.

Normal sinus rhythm, sinus arrhythmia and wandering atrial pacemaker
Sinus tachycardia to max HR = 193/min
Elevated average HR = 94/min
Rare isolated PACs (105)
Rare isolated PVCs (51)

That’s a lot of PACs and PVCs

During symptomatic events (40), cardiac rhythm was either normal sinus rhythm or sinus tachycardia with rare isolated PACs or rare isolated PVCs.

Assessment/Plan It was my impression that Addyson’s Holter monitor revealed normal cardiac rhythm with trivial atrial and ventricular ectopy.

During symptomatic events her cardiac rhythm was either normal sinus rhythm, sinus tachycardia with and without isolated PACs and PVCs.

I feel for her I have PVCs and I know how much they can affect day to day activities. I am hopeful the beta blockers will help her.

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