Always Confusing….

E went yesterday to get his Mara appliance put in. He got it installed, but then it came undone on day 1. Today, my dad took him back to the orthodontist so it could fixed, if you recall A had a similar situation with her braces and she recently also had her MARA appliance break.Continue reading “Always Confusing….”

Addy heart monitor results.

Just got A’s heart monitor results. The holter/Zio monitor showed a higher heart rate for age, her Dr recommends trialing a very low dose of a beta blocker called atenolol. He mentioned using Corlanor (a lot of pots kids use this med) but insurance will not cover that without a trial of the atenolol first.Continue reading “Addy heart monitor results.”

Aadp and echo/ekg

Let me just start with what a long day… And thank goodness for our friend sandra who went with me and helped with the craziness of the day. Yesterday was ridiculous and I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry…. But if yesterday wasn’t friendship, I don’t know what was. EKG looked good. EchoContinue reading “Aadp and echo/ekg”

Our new motility gi & surgical update

Our motility gi Dr who we have had for years retired in December, so today we met our new one. I liked her… She listened to our questions and answered in normal everyday language. She also agreed that if meds / protocols aren’t working, then let’s stop them, so today we removed two meds fromContinue reading “Our new motility gi & surgical update”

Anxiety and Friendship

April has been busy as we expected. Addy had her MST/PFT test, Ethen had his signing day, Addyson has a bunch of appts next week, I have had pre-op Appts (for my surgery on 1 MAY) and then we had a camping trip planned. Plus work, school, softball and karate. Along with a few otherContinue reading “Anxiety and Friendship”

Metabolic stress test and pulmonary function test

Addyson keeps things interesting…. We were going for her metabolic stress test and pulmonary function test, but she decided to be addyson and in true addyson fashion her Bp plummeted from 113/61 to 50/36 and hr went from 97 to 170 instantly. They urgently stopped the test…. And said no more today. They were notContinue reading “Metabolic stress test and pulmonary function test”