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Ya know….. Busyness as always.

Today we talked with a surgeon regarding addysons pectus repair. He reviewed all her images, studies and chart. Super nice guy. He talked to addyson too. He said he agrees her pectus is severe and needs repair. He said that he would do 2 bars for 4yrs (vs 3) since ethen has EDS he wants to make sure that addyson doesn’t and that her chest wall holds post removal. He said the only kids who have ever needed repair were the kids w EDS. He understood her pots and bowel stuff. He said that he would use cryo. 1 night in the hospital, then go back to hotel or Ronald McDonald House for ten days before flying home. He would recheck her before flying home. He said he’s never had to tell anyone to cancel their flight home at the ten day mark. He said she would be off the heavy pain meds between 3-7 days post surgery. He said her CT is misleading because they had her do a breathe hold… He said he guarantees her pectus is over 4 without a breathe hold. He said he will see if he can get insurance approval since she did ok on stress test. He said if insurance denies we would have two options.. He can petition or wait 6 months and repeat. He said he’s never had an 11yr old with severe pectus fail the stress test but between 12-13 they all start failing. I told him submit and we will go from there once we see if we get insurance approval. He told addyson he could work around her softball schedule.

Ethen started his college course today and already had three assignments all graded and he got 100% on each of the 3 assignments… So off to a good start.

Both kids got labs drawn this morning…. And the results were all ok! We were mainly checking their thyroid.

Then off to camping we went. It will be a nice relaxing weekend.

Addyson and uncle Tom playing catch

Next week we only have one scheduled Drs appointment…. Which is for ethen. Hopefully it stays a nice quiet weekend.

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